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Lucid Motors "Ride and Drive" experience

By Kaylee Smith


PALOS VERDES ESTATES, Calif. – Breathtaking on its own, Palos Verdes Estates has views incomparable to anywhere else in Southern California. However, there’s a way this sightseeing could be enhanced: through the glass window of a Lucid Motors Pure Air vehicle, cruising down the hilly roads of the city with the sight and smell of the cool ocean breeze in a new electric vehicle – all while listening to Garth Brooks.


Keeping the future in mind, Lucid Motors have developed motor technology unlike any other car. I had the opportunity to participate in Lucid Motors’ “Ride and Drive” experience at the FIR HILLS Seri Pak Championship and rode along with some representatives of the company as they showcased and discussed the unique features of their new model, Pure Air.


A variety of elements exist that separate this electric vehicle from other cars: some of the new technologies include, soft and sustainable Mojave PurLuxe leather alternative seats, a roomy interior, heated seats, and surreal sound – more specifically, 21-speaker immersive audio with Dolby Atmos technology.


One of the things that impressed me the most was the regenerative breaking feature.


“This mechanism captures the kinetic energy of the vehicle and converts it through an inverter to from direct current to alternating current and uses that charge to help keep your battery range up. So, if you're not using region well, you know your range will drop quicker depending on how you drive the vehicle. Whereas if you are using it, you can help maintain some of that capacity,” said a representative of the company.


A unique quality about the car is also the one pedal drive. Without having a separate brake and gas pedal, Lucid combined it into one movement dependent on the application of foot pressure.


“So, all too often people traditionally with a combustion engine, you just take your foot off the gas, the car continues to roll, and you have to apply a break for it to happen. Whereas when you're doing one pedal drive, no matter what at what degree you have the pedal pushed, the second you lift off even a bit, the braking already begins immediately.”


As people shift into looking at buying electric cars, another notable quality of the Pure Air model are the “drive modes” that the car can go into. With a retractable screen on the dashboard, there are 3 options to choose “Smooth”, “Swift”, and “Sprint”, for different driving purposes. For instance, you would choose the Sprint Mode when wanting to drive fast and accelerate on the freeway. Amongst other modes that can be chosen is a creature friendly mode: comfort mode.


Comfort mode comes into play when an owner wants to leave their pet in the car for a brief amount of time and can leave the air on and make the pet as comfortable as possible while they leave the car.


“And if someone peeks in like, oh my God, there's a dog in the car, they'll know our comfort modes on, and the human is coming back.”


Of course, with the other modes, it is an easy transition when you want a change of pace.


“You're not going through any gear shifting. It's just seamless acceleration. So that's one of the biggest things because when you don't have an don't have a transmission shifting the gears, so you don't have that lag, which is a big reason why electric cars are so fast, even though they weigh like almost 1,000 pounds more than traditional vehicles.”


Lucid Motors’ vehicles are packed with technology, and with the over-the-air updates, the car now will be better in a year because the company will constantly be upgrading the systems.


That’s where the combustion engine vehicles fall short: as mileage increases, they degrade.


In fact, this electric vehicle doesn’t have maintenance like how traditional cars do. There is no mechanic getting under your car to find the issue. The fix here is just like how you do a software update with your phone. The vehicle can be taken into a service center and once the issue is diagnosed, mechanics check if any other cars in the same fleet have the same issue. If so, a remedy is provided with just an “over-the-air" update, like how a phone updates to the latest version. This new innovative solution has improved problem-solving in the automobile world tremendously.


“That’s huge for safety, being able to predict issues even before, you know, there's an issue with your people and people learning about it.”


And of course, that leads to the big question. How safe are these cars?


“With the grand term being 516 miles, no other company has gone even close to that. The car we're in right now...that's 411 miles on a single charge and is one of the most efficient EVs there are available today. So, imagine, as a woman driving an EV, not having to think about stopping in a gas station at 9:00 at night...So it’s benefit, safety, all around from a woman's perspective, and obviously, what works for women most times is also convenient for men.”


Lucid Motors’s goal is to create sustainable mobility without compromise in cars that are intuitive, liberating, and designed for all the ways people get around. As a proud sponsor of the FIR HILLS SERI PAK Championship, their goal in supporting the human experience includes enhancing the experience of women as well through safer and more efficient vehicles.


March 21, 2024
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