Lucid Presents: Beyond Limits Women's Luncheon

Lucid Presents: Beyond Limits Women's Luncheon

By Kaylee Smith


PALOS VERDES ESTATES, Calif. - Gale Halsey, Lucid Senior Vice President of People, unknowingly sat down next to a female executive on her flight to California; Halsey was on her way to the LPGA event at Palos Verdes Golf Club. The woman chatted with her and shared an anecdote.


When I was growing up, men greased the ladder so that women would slip and fall off. And sometimes, women would need to use their heels to keep from falling off.


“We are propping each other up,” Halsey remarked when she told this story, speaking about the sisterhood women have with each other.


Lucid Motors has the goal to support women in technology: and of course, women in general. On Tuesday March 19th, the company hosted a luncheon for women, with their main goal of empowering female individuals, all while encouraging the breaking the glass ceilings for women involvement in careers that are male dominated.


Lucid’s mission is to inspire the adoption of sustainable energy by creating advanced technologies and luxury electric vehicles centered around human experience. Fortunately, Lucid has incorporated females into higher positions that impact the designs of the vehicles.


The luncheon featured many female panelists that spoke about their experiences in leadership. Nichelle Maynard-Elliott, a Lucid board member, Joann Jung, Lucid creative director of interior design, and Alison Lee, LPGA Tour Professional, all spoke about their journeys to achieve the positions they are in now and what they discovered along the way.


“Sports in general, it's a huge male dominated industry,” said Lee. “More men watch sports, and more men play sports; which is the reality of it.”


Lee mentioned that she plays golf with a lot of the men who think they're better than women and plays with them to “shut them up a little bit”, as she confidently put it. She recalled how small the golf community was when she started at six years old, since golf isn’t necessarily the first sport a parent puts their child in. Lee encourages boys and girls to play together to develop that bond of playing with each other rather than against each other.


“I’m excited to see the future of women’s golf.”


Maynard-Elliott shared advice among the female crowd about how women must support women about not only in their athletic endeavors, but in career pathways across the board as well.


“Very good leaders replicate themselves, and very good leaders are worried about succession,” she says.

Maynard-Elliott explains how she loves to see young women who have interests and passions about their future careers and emphasizes how that ambition needs to be nurtured and trained at a young age: for these are the future ladies that will take over. She concluded by explaining how jumping into opportunities and not wasting time is important. The imposter syndrome embedded into society has been a defeat in self-confidence for a long time.


“How are you going to step up?” Maynard-Elliott asks.


Joann Jung added on in the discussion that young women need to take the job and learn; there is no better way to learn than to always keep trying through opportunity. Hands-on experience is the best way to be immersed in a career-oriented opportunity, whether you succeed or not.


“There is no failure – we are all just on a journey to make it,” says Jung.


Lucid Motors had a successful event which left the women in the room not only inspired by what the panel had spoken about, but also full and happy with a delicious lunch. Other Lucid board members Gale Halsey and Margaret Burgraff, Lucid Vice President of Software Validation, are additional trailblazers within the company to include women in motor development. Lucid Motors is a proud sponsor of the LPGA, and a car brand looking to offer a more stylish and women-friendly vehicle through safety measures; always constantly improving to help the future generations.

March 20, 2024
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