Pak and Tseng Reunite: Inspiring future generations

Pak and Tseng Reunite: Inspiring future generations

By: Emily Cho


PALOS VERDES ESTATES, Calif. Walking up to the tee box at Palos Verdes Golf Club today, Taiwanese golfer Yani Tseng had no idea she was going to have one of the best experiences she could have before kicking off another LPGA tournament. Just five minutes before she was about to tee off, Seri Pak came walking up to the tee box ready to tee it up with Tseng.


The last time the two golfers played together was the Kia Classic in 2012. Tseng was going into the last day with a 3 stroke lead, but couldn’t even sleep the night before knowing she was about to play with her idol. However, Pak, like the inspiring figure she is, calmed Tseng’s nerves down right as the round started.


“After a few holes…she started chatting to me, so I actually felt much more relaxed. I still feel like that's one of my best memories,” Tseng said.


Playing with Pak again for the practice round of the FIR HILLS Seri Pak Championship, Tseng was excited to have the opportunity to spend some time golfing and chatting with Pak, who has started to feel more like a big sister.


“I just feel such honor to be able to play with her because I haven't played with her for so long, and it's…good to have friends, like Seri you know…it’s my big honor.”


And the feeling is mutual. Pak said she was excited to play with Tseng again, especially since the 35-year old is coming back from an injury.  


“She couldn't play for couple years with her injury. I have a lot of respect to her,” Pak said. “Because she played today after her surgery and recovery. I give applause to her courage and wish the best more from now and ever.”


Tseng is one of a number of Asian golfers making their mark with the LPGA after Pak paved the way, joining the tour in 1998. Pak is optimistic about the future with so many great golfers following in her footsteps. 

March 20, 2024
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